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Warm and Cozy Living Room Colors for a Welcoming Home

A home with warm color schemes is automatically more welcoming to your guests. Check out these cozy living room colors that will make anyone more comfortable.

Where do you consider the heart of your home to be?


Is it in the kitchen where you and your family cook and eat? Or could it be in the study or the bedroom where you spend a lot of your free time?


The heart of the home lies in the eye of the beholder. For a lot of people, the living room is the center of their home. It’s a place where people gather to unwind, spend time together, and to feel comfortable.


Warm and cozy living room colors carry different meanings for different households. If you’re looking to give your living room a makeover, here are cozy color schemes to consider!

Rustic Reflections

Red is the quintessential warm color. It’s often associated with love and comfort. But red is also an intense color, and when applied right, it can make for the warmest welcome.


If you have rich, hardwood floors and big windows, red may be the perfect color for your living room. It’s also the best color to paint your living room if it’s adjacent to the front door.


You’re going to want to avoid painting all your walls with energetic reds and warm undertones. Reserve blazing reds for door frames and some window frames.


Focus on warming up the majority of your walls with muted, balanced reds. Think white for the trims and even consider red-grey or red-purple hues for the focus color.


You could also use red for an accent wall and mix up the rest of the living room with a rustic color palette. That way, you can work in lighter rustic colors like peach and subtle pink.

Amber Waves Of...

What about color schemes that don’t incorporate red?


Look no further than amber, which is not only warm and inviting. It’s a color that helps add space when paired with white trimming and a beige-yellow palette.


You could apply a warm amber to the majority of your walls or use it as an accent color. Should it serve as an accent, aim to paint the rest of your walls a creamy white.


If amber feels too orange, you could try a mustard yellow. But, if amber isn’t fiery enough for you, try a tangerine hue.

Shades of Blue & Gray

Gray and blue may seem like cold, moody, and uninviting colors. But psychologically, blue tends to promote inner calmness, clarity, and sympathy. And when paired with the right shades of gray, you can add inner warmth and space to your living room.


Should you go with this color scheme, make sure to focus on soft, pale blues. The less dramatic, the better – and the same goes for the gray you choose.


You may even come across gray wallpaper made from silk or traditional fabric. You may even find a gray bamboo wallpaper that will complement your furniture. Especially if your home is minimalist in style.


Patching, spackling, and sanding is necessary before installing new wallpaper. So, if you choose to install wallpaper, hire a professional interior painter to do the job.


If you’re looking for something more feminine, you could go for a pale lavender and gray scheme. Mint green and gray also make for a relaxing color scheme.

Warm Your Home with Cozy Living Room Colors

If the living room is the heart of your home, give it a much-needed makeover that will make those who enter it smile. Even if you don’t use it much, you can still make it feel warm and inviting with cozy color schemes.


Still not sure which cozy living room colors to choose for your home? Need professional paint services when the time comes to warm up your living room? If you’re located on Long Island, contact us today for a consultation.

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