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Long Island Interior Painting Services

Interior Painting Long Island

Do you know that professional painting can completely change the look and feel of your home? Yes, it can and as a professional house painter; we possess the necessary skills for proper surface preparation, and also understand the broad range of coating and painting varieties. 

Choosing the right shade can transform your living space, change the mood and dynamics of your home into something new and charming! All Pro Painting Co. service skilled and accredited house painting professionals are efficient in diagnosing and solving the unique challenges of each home interior painting. We are renowned for putting quality first and knowing how important it is to provide professional services and prioritizing our clients from start to finish.

Interior Staining

We understand that your exterior and interior wood structure are prone to wearing down over time due to the dry wind, rain, moisture, hot sunshine, and freezing temperatures which causes the wood to discolor, rot, or warp. But with a professional wood stain job; there will be an added life and vitality to your deck which ultimately gives you years of enjoyment and adding memories. 

With the help of our skilled interior stainers; taking care of all your interior staining needs is a job done in a twinkle of an eye because we are well equipped with all necessary techniques and tools needed to provide you with a high-quality stain for all your wooden surfaces. Ranging from your wood floor staining to trim staining and furniture staining, All Pro Painting Co. got you covered.


Wallpaper are one of interior decoration that is capable of making an amazing difference to an otherwise featureless room, it also enhances the personality of your building. 

Knowing this; our expert team in applying wall coverings of various types and designs, ranging from historical wallpaper to silk paper, pulp, bamboo, grass cloth, traditional fabric and paper-backed vinyl are always at your service to help you transform your dull looking room into something more exquisite and charming. 
Not just that, we work across most sectors, with special expertise in leisure, commercial and residential environments; this simply means we are capable of providing all our clients with the same level of outstanding care and attention.

Epoxy Floors

All Pro Painting Co. Epoxy Flooring is focused on providing long lasting floor coverings for our numerous clients. Our epoxy flooring service is the most durable Stained Concrete, Concrete Polishing and Epoxy Flooring Systems on the market. 

Each and every one of floors we have worked on reflects a work of durable art that will provide adequate resilience to any floor or concrete surface, be it residential or commercial. The high gloss and seamless finishing derived from using epoxy flooring are hygienic and very easy to clean, these traits guarantee our service as an ideal choice in laboratories and manufacturing plants. 
That’s not all; a non-slip surface fuels epoxy flooring, and that is just perfect for most industrial buildings where water or other liquids may be constant. To ensure safety and avoid hazards, our professional epoxy flooring installers often use contrasting colors to designate important traffic zones or any safety area, which is very important in ensuring safety and productivity in manufacturing plants and factories.

Kitchen Cabinetry Refinishing

Have you had your wood cabinets for years and wished to restore their original life and luster? Then All Pro Painting Co. Kitchen Cabinetry Refinishing service is the best option for you. Our service is quick and affordable to bring back life into your dreary looking cabinets. 

We pride ourselves on delivering high-quality Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing solution, and to accomplish this; we take the extra time and care to remove your existing cabinet doors and drawer fronts. After removing, we then transfer them to our custom Finishing Shop to ensure the highest quality finish using our stringent in-shop quality control standards and the watchful eye of our finishing experts.

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