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How to Choose Calming Baby Room Colors

Choosing baby room colors is a lot more complicated than just picking blue or pink. Here are the the colors that create a calming environment for your baby.

The average family spends around $2,000 putting their child’s nursery together. There is plenty to do while waiting for a baby to make their appearance in the world.


From picking out nursery furniture, baby room colors, and choosing a theme, this is an exciting time. The time leading up to the birth of your bundle of joy will allow you to go through the nesting phase. Choosing the best nursery wall colors is important to the overall look of the room.

Continue reading this article to get baby room color ideas and learn about baby room colors psychology.

Baby Room Colors and What You Should Pick for Your New Arrival

If you think the colors you surround yourself with on a daily basis doesn’t affect the way you feel, you’d be wrong. Colors can influence not only moods but also behavior. Color affects the way your brain works as well so having the right colors in your baby’s room is important for their development.


Marketing experts were the first to get their hands on this knowledge and start using it to drive sales by increasing appetite, peacefulness, happiness and other states that work well for their agenda. Every place of business you enter has a carefully selected decor, and color set up to affect you in a specific way.


Don’t worry, you won’t be trying to get your baby to spend money with stores, but you can select colors that will improve sleep habits, enhance learning abilities and even increase memory power. These benefits are helpful to all ages, but during the developmental stages for babies, it can be extremely powerful.

What Colors Can Do

When choosing the color of the nursery walls, you can use the below information as a guide to create the environment you want for your child.


1. Warm Colors


Warm colors make even large spaces feel cozy and comforting. Bold, warm colors like red and orange make people more energetic and are even shown to help with development. While you do want your child to develop, keep in mind that a lot of warm colors will make it difficult to get your kids to bed at night.

Use warm colors with care.


2. Cool Colors


Cool colors equal calm. If you have a small space, these cool colors can make the space feel open and airy. Stay with the peaceful, cool colors and away from the brewing storm blues.


Having cool colors in your nursery will help with your bedtime routine and make it easier for you to get baby to sleep.


Some of the cool colors you should consider for your nursery walls are blues, purples and greens. When you find the right colors for your nursery trust your gut and go with the ones that feel best to you.

Using Colors to Create a Beautiful Space

Now that you know what these colors can do for a space, you can use this information to select baby room colors that are going to give the nursery a look and feel you want.


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