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How Paint Colors Can Change the Mood of Your Space

Discover how you can harness color’s mood-changing effects to create a welcoming home!

“What’s your favorite color?” That question is tossed around a lot when we’re kids, or when there’s a lull in an awkward conversation. It’s hard for many of us to choose a favoritecolor because color can impact us differently, influencing our preferences widely.


Yet there are certain ways that color affects our brain chemistry – and therefore our mood. If you understand the basics of the mood-changing power of color, you can use that information to create a welcoming space in your home, without sacrificing your personal color preferences.

Warm & Cool

Generally, warm colors like red, yellow, and orange, can influence your energy levels, encouraging excitement, cheerfulness, passion, and action. These colors tend to really pop, making them a great conversation piece. 


Alternatively, cool colors such as blue, green, and purple, can help you relax and feel creative, focused, and at peace. When you use a cool color as the theme for a room, it won’t be in the forefront of the room – or your mind – therefore creating a clearer space for quiet mental activity or rest.

Applying Your Knowledge

So, how can you apply this knowledge when choosing paint for your rooms?


It makes sense to choose green or blue for your office, red or orange for your kitchen, and violet for your bedroom.


If you want to incorporate trending colors into your paint scheme, get creative with the way you utilize your warm and cool colors! Unexpected combinations that follow complementary moods, like warm yellow and cool slate, can create interest while still maintaining a pleasing mood and contrast.


To get even more ideas and information about what colors would look best for the mood you want in your home, contact us to get a consultation from our professional Long Island residential painters.